WP Local provide fully-managed online marketing services for local business.


Our mission has two main aims for local business;

1. to help local businesses achieve a sophisticated and effective online marketing strategy using WordPress and Google services.

2. to market local businesses in Google to help them gain search engine visibility in their local area and to convert website visitors into high-quality leads in order to grow the business.

We can help businesses with any aspect of WordPress, Google visibility, lead generation or digital marketing in general.


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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website 'content management system' (CMS).

A CMS is just a system for managing content in a website – adding new pages, updating existing pages, adding images, editing the fonts and layout, etc.

WordPress is extremely flexible and has extended functionality through its 'plugin' feature which makes it perfect for local businesses who want to optimise for Google and generate leads.

WordPress is also very user-friendly, which gives business owners the option of updating and maintaining their own WordPress websites if they wish.

About WP Local

WordPress Management Service

WP Local clients have access to our WP Management program which takes over the hosting and updating of their WordPress website.

WP Management and also provides email, security and back-ups as well us access to our WP Support team who are happy to answer questions and provide advice on WordPres and local business digital marketing in general.

Whatever your requirements WP Local can help you with your WordPress site - just complete the form below to make contact and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Are WordPress Websites Effective?

WordPress optimisation

WordPress websites may be user-friendly but that doesn’t mean that they are inferior in any way.

In fact WordPress sites are extremely well-liked by search engines, especially Google, and as a result have the potential to be highly visible in Google.

WordPress sites are structured in such a way as to be attractive to Google.

They are also very easy to optimise in multiple ways for Google's search algorithm, meaning that WordPress sites rank extremely well in Google's search results.

How About WordPress Functionality?

The multi-functionality is where WordPress really demonstrates its power!

With WordPress you can;

- optimise for Google
- optimise for lead generation
- collect leads & store them
- display social media feeds
- embed multi-media content

- create a blog
- interact with customers
- take online payments
- create a membership site
- host a forum
- much, much more

WordPress functionality

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    How Do You Achieve Google Visibility?

    Google likes brands so becoming visible in Google requires the establishment of a brand.

    Establishing a brand in Google requires two actions;

    • optimising your website and Google my Business listing for local search

    • creating and syndicating multi-media content to trusted and authoritative websites

    By implementing website optimisation and crating and syndicating multi-media content a business will be able to build a brand that is recognised by Google and in return will be rewarded with more visibility, more visitors and ultimately more leads.

    Google visibility

    How Do You Turn Website Visitors into Leads?

    local lead generation system

    Whilst it is never possible to turn every visitor into a lead there are certain actions you can take that will increase the number of leads that your website generates.

    The first step is to be optimised for the right keywords.

    If you are a local accountant being found for the search phrase 'how to complete self assessment' is not always desirable as that indicates that the searcher's intent is to locate information that will enable them to complete their own tax return.

    Compare that to the search phrase 'self assessment accountant' - someone searching with that phrase appears to be looking for an accountant to complete their tax return on their behalf.

    This is the exact type of visitor an accountant would like on their website.

    The same principle applies to whatever business you are in - you need target the correct keywords to generate leads.

    Once the website has been found by a prospect for a relevant search term it is now all about what is on the website as to whether this person will make an enquiry.

    Having a useful, relevant and valuable offer on your website, that is easy for the visitor to sign up to will significantly increase your chances of generating a lead!

    In fact without an offer and a lead-capture form you will struggle to generate leads - if you want to know why this is and what kind of offers work really well and are easy to deliver simply complete the form below and we will call you back to give you a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

    Remarketing Ads

    However, even with good optimisation and an easy-to-claim offer over 90% of website visitors will leave without making an enquiry!

    Having worked so hard to get the right people on your website it would be a shame to let them go so easily...

    To get them back to your website we can run 'remarketing ads'!

    Remarketing ads are low-cost, low-volume online ads that target only those people that have visited your website but did not make an enquiry .

    Studies show that remarketing campaigns are exremely effective in generating high-quality leads and because they are relatively cheap compared with other forms of online advertising provide a great return on investment.


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